This year we will continue to use this online entry for all classes. It is easy and calculates the prices for you and we will email you a detailed acknowledgement. But if that is not possible then please contact us and we will make the entry on your behalf. Details of the dates and times of your performances will be emailed to you at a later date and therefore we will not use tickets this year. Performers will be admitted free of charge.

Closing date for entries: 21st September 2024 – late entries will not be accepted.

The 'Show Class Lists' button will display all the classes in the ticked disciplines. The Music Section from the Main Menu gives more detail of the classes, and the associated rules. Please do read the rules carefully before completing your entry as mistakes can lead to disqualifacation.

Use Tab key or mouse to move between fields.

You can enter multiple performances here; use the 'Add New Row' button.

In all cases age is for the performer's age in years on 31st August 2024, to tie in with the school year. Or if more than one performer, it is for the oldest in the group.

For Duet and Trio classes please enter all the names in the Performer box separated by '&' eg Janet Smith & John Smith.

For Quartets or more, Ensembles, Groups and Choirs, just enter the name of the whole group in the Performer box, and put the approximate number in the group in brackets after the name, eg My Small Choir (8). It is of course the age of the oldest (at 31st August 2024) that counts for the right class.

Please identify each piece in the Piece(s) box: Title, Composer, approximate duration. For example : Gavotte in F, Dussek, 2 mins. If more than one piece in a performance, put them all there.

If you want an Official Accompanist (price £2.00 per class), enter Y and please read the notes that will then be displayed.

You cannot save this entry form as partly done but you can submit many forms; each form is just a number of performances. So complete what performances you can and submit another entry form later.

Click here for wider format (it's easier to fill in the form):   


Performer Age Class Number Class Name Instrument(s) Official Accomp. (Y)? Price (£) Delete Row

Official Accompanists. (£2.00)

If an Official Accompanist is required please note that the piano accompaniment music must be sent to me (Kathy Goodspeed, 9 Waldron Court, Longbridge Deverill, Warminster, BA12 7DJ) straight away, stating the person and class for whom the accompaniment is requested. A photocopy may be sent at this stage, but the original copy must be handed to the adjudicator's steward on the day of the festival. An Official Accompanist will not be available on the day unless requested here on this entry form, the music sent and the fee paid.


The Total payment required is £

Please send the total payment required by Bank Transfer.
Sort Code: 30-94-80, Account Number: 00576207, Account Name: Longwell Green and Kingswood Performing Arts Festival.
Be sure to enter the Entry Number that you will be given when this entry has been submitted as the Payment reference.

Or you can pay by cheque if you prefer, made out to Longwell Green and Kingswood Performing Arts Festival, and send to Kathy Goodspeed, 9 Waldron Court, Longbridge Deverill, Warminster BA12 7DJ . Write the Entry Number on the back of the cheque.
Please say which payment method you are using in the Comment box below.

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I have read and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations contained in the current Syllabus.

I have read and understood the Safeguarding Policy as declared in the current Syllabus.

I understand that by completing this entry form I am giving my consent for personal data to be collected and securely stored for the purpose of the administration of the Festival.

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