This year we will continue to use this online entry form for all Dance classes.

There is NO CLOSING DATE. Dance entries will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis, and once capacity has been reached no further entries will be accepted.

The Dance Section from the Main Menu gives the Dance rules. Please do read the rules carefully before completing your entry as mistakes can lead to disqualification.

The ‘Show Class Lists’ button will display all the classes in this section.

Use the Tab key or mouse to move between fields.

Each form is for one performer only, but you can enter multiple performances here; use the ‘Add New Row’ button.

In all cases the age is for a performer’s age in years on 31st August 2024.

For Duets, Trios/Quartets and Groups the Classical genre covers Ballet, Character/Narrative, National/Global Dance and Greek. The Cabaret genre covers Tap, Modern/Jazz, Lyrical Jazz/Modern and Musical Theatre.

For Duet and Trio/Quartet classes please enter the names of the main Performer’s partners in the ‘Partner(s) or Group’ box, separated by ampersands (&’s) where necessary (eg for a Duo there will be one partner, for a Trio there will be two etc.) and the age of the oldest in the group (at 31st Aug 2024) in the ‘Age of oldest’ box.

For Groups enter the name of the Group in the ‘Partner(s) or Group’ box followed by the approximate number in the Group eg The Young Ones (8), and the age of the oldest in the group (at 31st Aug 2024) in the ‘Age of oldest’ box.

If this entry form is purely for one or more Groups, there is no need to enter a Performer Name or Age; just enter the name of the group in the ‘Partner(s) or Group’ boxes, followed by the number in the group in brackets, eg Longwell Dancers (8) and the age of the oldest in the group in the ‘Age of oldest’ box.

If the name or size of a Group is not known at this stage it is allowable to enter a temporary name and number for now. Then email me later when those are known and I can change it. Please do this before 18th September so we can have the right names in the Programme. The group size is just to help our admin.

This year we will not be taking music on CDs but will require you to upload your music files to this website. We will give you instructions how to do that in the email telling you the dates and times of your performances which we will send out in the week commencing 2nd September.

You cannot save this entry form as partly done but you can easily submit many forms; each form is just a number of performances. So complete what performances you can and submit another entry form later.

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